Party Budget

Rails Project

Party Budget is a project created on Rails using the Model View Controller (MVC) software design pattern. All MVC aspects are fully functional.

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  1. This app takes two inputs a)budget b)amount of attendees.
  2. There is a choice of three party tiers included.
  3. Tier is automatically assigned based on user input of budget and attendance.
  4. Price per person is displayed and calculated.
  5. Party details are tabulated factoring in tiers, budget, and attendance.

User Story

  1. As a User I can input my budget.
  2. As a User I can input my desired attendance.
  3. As a User I can see the party tier assigned to my party.
  4. As a User I can see my total party cost in relation to my set budget.
  5. As a User I can see the number of items affiliated with my party request.
  6. As a User I can calculate a party without going over budget.
  7. As a User I can see the cost per person for my party.

Demo Details : This demonstration shows the functionality of the project. Inputs: budget & attendance Outputs: party tier, party cost, party budget, party item count.

My contributions to the project : This project was created with three other fellow students over 4 hours at LEARN Academy in San Diego, CA. I worked collaboratively with my teammates to complete all aspects of the user story. I assisted with the Rails framework, user story, cost tiers, and MVC design.

Github link