Pig Latin Translator

React & RegEx Project

Pig Latin Translator was created in the React framework, using JSX, and Regular Expressions.

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  1. Custom user display prompting the User to enter the phrase they would like translated into Pig Latin.
  2. Any word beginning with a vowel, will have "way" added to the end.
  3. Any word beginning with one or more consonants, will have all of the first consecutive consonants moved to the end, and will have "ay" added to end.
  4. If the first consonants include "qu", the "u" will be moved along with the "q". Inlcluding words like "squeal" where "qu" doesn't come first.
  5. For words beginning with "y", "y" will be treated as a consonant.

User Story

  1. As a user, I can type in a sentence to the Pig Latin application.
  2. As a user, when I click Submit, I see a translation of the sentence I entered into Pig Latin.
  3. As a user, I can clear the text to enter a new translation.
  4. As a user, the page is styled, and pleasing to use.

Demo Details : This demonstration shows all features of the pig latin translator working accurately and efficiently.

My contributions to the project : This project was created with two other fellow student at LEARN Academy in San Diego, CA. I worked collaboratively with my teammate to design the logic necessary to build a functioning translator. We collaboratively learned RegEx from scratch and utilized its features in this project. In addition I assisted with CSS styling and conceptual wireframing.

Future Features: 1) Creation of a log to display the history of the words generated by User